Platform for school classes and teams to earn extra money by selling eco-friendly products

Web Design | UI/UX Design | Animation | React

What is it?

Unisale offers school classes and various teams the ability to earn money for school trips or other group events by selling eco-friendly products.

I was part of the design process including UX, UI and web design - as there was no existing set branding or rules we could play around and make a fresh look from scratch. The client wanted a playful edge to the site so instead of just making the custom icons I also animated them.

Parallel to this I was one of two front-end developers on the project working with React, Next.js and styling made with Sass. The page is using Prismic as the headless CMS and a custom back-end built with .NET.

Animation of cashAnimation of coinsAnimation of a crownAnimation of a heart shaped EarthAnimation of a cursor clicking an itemAnimation of a piggy bankAnimation of a boxAnimation of a ribbonAnimation of a shining shieldAnimation of starAnimation of a delivery truckAnimation of a trophy

Twelve playful icons made with Adobe Illustrator and animated with Adobe Photoshop.

Unisale Website

Top of the page with a full page hero image.

Unisale Website

Four animated icons to further help explain the process of using the service.

Unisale Website

Even more icons and a testimonial slider with quotes from previous team leaders.

Unisale Website

Top part of the user dashboard where users will be able to see information regarding the team, sales and progress towards their goal.

Unisale Website

View of the rest of the dashboard.