What is the f*&king weather?

A bold and brash weather app built with Vue.js

Vue.js | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe After Effects

What is it?

What is the f*&king weather (Initial project name Vuether, haha yes) is a bold and brash weather app built with Vue.js hosted on Netlify.

Two separate API calls are made with Axios, one to ipdata.co to get the user's location and another to OpenWeatherMap to get the current weather conditions for display.

The page changes appearance and displays an animated character depending on the weather condition. All characters were created in Adobe Illustrator, animated in Adobe After Effects and is displayed natively on the web via Airbnb's Lottie library.

An animation to display the look and feel of the application as well as to show of the various presentations of different weather types.

Preview of WITFW

The application changes its' characters and colour scheme depending on the current weather status.